Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Story ~ Viva Beads Eco-Friendly Clay Bead Jewelry

Viva Beads® was created by two mothers who set out to make a better life for themselves and their families. Jill Manzara, a single mom of two, and Lori Mottlowitz, a mother of four girls, discovered an existing artisan technique, by which endless design and creativity could be unleashed.

That technique is called "caning" and it is applied to polymer clay that is layered to create a design. Slowly whittled down and hand rolled into beads while keeping the integrity of the design. The beads are then baked, cooled and strung into a unique creation...similar to layering techniques of Venetian Glass, layering polymer clay presented an extraordinary opportunity to creatively design products, beginning with the original line of Viva Beads® handmade clay beaded jewelry.

With no financing, experience, or education in importing and distribution, Lori and Jill had to take the long and difficult road to slowly build their business. It is a story of inspiration that has amazed many as they watched the two women chase their dream from a kitchen table top to a multi-million dollar enterprise.

The word "Viva" means a salute to life, and thus has been the anchoring energy behind their name. It is their mission to share hope, joy, and passion for life, with everyone who wears Viva Beads®.

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Each piece comes 'Gift Ready' with a Care Card and Lovely White Organza Bag!